New product launch: Jobcast

While I was working at s1 I proposed the idea of ‘video job ads’. It was based on an emerging trend I noticed on niche US job sites. The idea was greenlighted a few months ago, and it became one of the first projects that our new developer Ken worked on (it was also one of the last projects I was involved with at s1).

I wanted the process to be as quick and simple as possible for recruiters, so I came up with a really easy workflow based around Flash Media Server. Rather than take the usual approach of requiring recruiters to record a video locally then upload the file, our system allows recruiters to stream their recording up directly from the JobsManager web page. All they need is a standard off-the-shelf webcam and a broadband internet connection.

The system, entitled ‘Jobcast’ officially launched today with the publication of our first client video for Hammond/Rise. See the screenshot below, or go to s1jobs to see it in action.