Capturing the Ford Mustang… in Liverpool

A couple of weeks ago I went down to Liverpool for the day to do some filming for Peoples Ford. We’d arranged for comedian Bruce Devlin to test drive the brand all-new 2018 Ford Focus followed by the Mustang 5.0.

I was responsible for all of the filming on the day, including 4K interior footage while they were on the road, broadcast-quality sound recording, 4K DSLR footage at the dealership and gimbal-stabilised exterior filming when they were out on the road.

I’m really pleased with the overall quality of the film, considering we got both cars shot in a single afternoon (down to Liverpool and back in the same day).

Here’s the finished Mustang video:

Comedians in Cars Decaffeinated: Liverpool II

What happened when we sent comedian Bruce Devlin to test drive a Ford Mustang around the streets of Liverpool? Well, let's just say he asked some questions even we hadn't heard before!

Posted by Peoples Ford on Tuesday, 18 September 2018