One of my hobbies is drawing and digital painting. Here are a few things I’ve made over the years…

Space Invaders (2017)

For this piece, I wanted to experiment with perspective. I hadn’t done much in this area since my youth, and at that point I was working with a maximum of two vanishing points, retaining straight verticals.

Here, I introduced a third vanishing point, giving me a fresh perspective and a whole range of new challenges. The work started out as a pencil sketch, which was then blocked in, and highlights added.

Earth, at the bottom of the picture, shows my homeland of Scotland. The reference for this was taken from a photograph by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. I was surprised by how big Scotland looked from space, a real contrast from what we’re used to seeing on world maps.

GT86 in oils (2017)

Another bit of ‘fan art’ for my Toyota GT86. This time I wanted to try doing something completely in oils. It was a bit of a learning curve, but I’m pretty happy with the result.

The biggest challenge when working in oils is the relative lack of control you have vs ink or airbrushing. I had to learn some new techniques to simulate the play of light on the body panels using comparatively crude thick brush strokes.

Akira 86 (2017)

This is a digital painting I made in Procreate. Inspired by the original Akira movie poster, I made a version of that poster featuring my new Toyota GT86 Aero Edition.

Flyin’ Finn (2017)

Inspired by the Garbage Pail Kids cards that I grew up with in the 1980s, here’s a poster I made for my younger son, Finn. Painted in Procreate.

Finn’s first skateboard (2015)

After designing and building two skateboards for Ewan, it felt only right that I’d make one for Finn too. This one was inspired by skate magazines. As a toddler, Finn was always keen to try out skateboards.

This design was based on an actual photo I took of Finn on a skateboard in the back garden. I superimposed his action shot on top of a more gnarly setting, then added some Japanese text to complete the magazine cover look.

This design was printed on a transparent background onto a Canadian maple wood deck, so the grain of the wood shows through in all the white areas.

Ewan’s second skateboard (2013)

Also inspired by the Garbage Pail Kids, this skateboard design features my eldest son, Ewan, in a pretty typical pose on the toilet. Sketched in ink on paper, then scanned and painted using a Wacom Intuos Pro in Adobe Photoshop.

Ewan’s first skateboard (2010)

I loved the spoof brand skate decks I grew up with in the 80s and 90s, so when my first son was born it felt like the perfect opportunity to create a deck inspired by another childhood favourite: Kinder Surprise.

The date on the package is his birthday, and the weight is his birth weight.