Grant’s Miscellany

Clap-o-meter (applause meter) for PC and Mac
An applause meter I created for Prof Richard Wiseman. Free download.

ReadyBoost Compatibility
Back in the days before SSD drives, Microsoft had a smart idea: to use Flash-based USB memory sticks as fast-access virtual memory. Unfortunately, Flash drives were of variable quality, so many didn’t work with this new ReadyBoost feature. Microsoft didn’t have a list of compatible drives, so I started a crowd-sourced list. It became so popular that PC magazines and even Microsoft linked to my list. It’s mostly irrelevant now, but maintained here as a wee bit of internet history.

The Open Cat Name Project
I created a neural network to generate cat names in the style of Bob Mortimer. This is it.

Product Reviews
I was Newsquest Scotland’s technology writer and gadget reviewer in the early 2000s. I maintain a small selection of my reviews here.