Intuix ReadyBoost Compatibility

Make & Model Capacity Compatible?
Intuix Smart Drive M300 U3 1GB 1GB Compatible
Submitted by: M. Robers.
Intuix S300 U3 IXMMD4GS300U3 4GB Compatible
Submitted by: rlm_fr.
Intuix M300 city IXMMD1024M300 1GB Incompatible
Submitted by: rlm_fr.
Intuix M300 U3 IXMMD2GM300U3 2GB Compatible
Submitted by: rlm_fr.
Notes: retry testing for compatibility (2 times)
Intuix S520 2GB Incompatible
Submitted by: makito38.
Notes: this device don’t have the perform caracteristics for boost the sytem
Intuix EMTEC M400 4GB Incompatible
Notes: Very slow readspeeds

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