OCZ ReadyBoost Compatibility

Make & Model Capacity Compatible?
OCZ Rally 2 OCZUSBRCDC-4GB 4GB Incompatible
Submitted by: Tom.
Notes: Vista 64 Home Premium
OCZ Rally 2 4GB Compatible
Submitted by: Sirokin.
Notes: Has been working and installed since january 08
OCZ Diesel 4GB Compatible
OCZ rally 2 8GB Compatible
Submitted by: stanec.
OCZ Mini-Kart 2GB Compatible
Submitted by: Neil Rose.
OCZ 2GB Compatible
OCZ 1GB Compatible
Submitted by: ivpb4h.
Notes: 125vd4sghg
OCZ Rally 2 2GB Compatible
Submitted by: eskimofo.
Notes: Read 8067 KB/sec. Write 2454 KB/sec.
OCZ Rally 2 8GB Compatible
Submitted by: Piotr Kania.
OCZ Diesel 8GB Incompatible
OCZ Rally 2 32GB Compatible
Submitted by: Roman.
OCZ 8GB Compatible
OCZ OCZ OCZ Rally 2 Dual Channel 4GB (OCZUSBR2DC-4GB) 4GB Incompatible
Submitted by: pav_kov.
Notes: NTFS formatting doesnot help
OCZ VBOOST 2GB Compatible
Submitted by: John Dabarno.
OCZ OCZSD150-2G (2 GB 150X SD Card) 2GB Compatible
Submitted by: Josh.
Notes: Bought on Newegg, worked for me right out of the box for Vista Business on my Asus R1F-K018E Tablet PC
OCZ Rally2 8GB Compatible
Submitted by: t3nk3n.
Notes: NTFS 33MB/s ready and Optimize for performace in the policies.
OCZ Secure Digital Hi-Speed 150X 2 GB 2GB Incompatible
Submitted by: Srikanth.
OCZ OCZ SD 150x – 2GB 2GB Compatible
Submitted by: marcelo.
Notes: took 3 tests, but it is working with HP DV6500t notebook internal card reader.
OCZ OCZ Rally 2 Dual Channel 4GB (OCZUSBR2DC-4GB) 4GB Compatible
Submitted by: Adam “Sai” Smith.
Notes: Set to Optimize for performance in Device Manager and format as NTFS.
OCZ Rally 1GB Compatible
Notes: Works wonders, i love it
OCZ Rally 2 – Model OCZUSBR2DC-2GB 2GB Compatible
Submitted by: Chris Pietschmann.
OCZ Rally 2 4GB Compatible
Submitted by: James Moore.
Notes: Works but random access time is high (4.5ms)
OCZ Rally 1GB Incompatible
Submitted by: MSM.
OCZ Rally 2 1GB Compatible
Submitted by: Joseph Taylor.
OCZ Rally2 1GB Incompatible
Submitted by: Asy.
Notes: Tested on B2/RC1/RC2
OCZ Rally2 4GB Incompatible
Submitted by: J S.
OCZ ocz rally 2 dual channel 4GB Incompatible
Submitted by: martin.
Notes: tryed re formating
OCZ Rally2 2GB Incompatible
Submitted by: Grant.
Notes: From: http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1697,2017821,00.asp
OCZ Mini-Kart 2GB Incompatible
Submitted by: Jim Byram.
Notes: Tested.
OCZ Rally 1GB Incompatible
OCZ OCZSD150-4GB 4GB Compatible
Submitted by: Joyce.
Notes: Didn’t recognize as ReadyBoost Compatible the first time I stuck it in. Had to test it again for it to work. No formatting necessary (came as FAT32).
OCZ Roadster USB 2.0 1GB Compatible
Submitted by: Buzzy.
Notes: Random read 6119 KB/sec Sequential Write 1977 KB
OCZ Rally2 2GB Dual Channel 2GB Compatible
Submitted by: Toby.
Notes: Had to retest the first time, works great.
OCZ Rally 2 High Performance 2GB Compatible
Submitted by: teko.
OCZ OCZSD150-4GB 4GB Incompatible
Submitted by: fighteranth.
Notes: 3.6MB/s read and write
OCZ 2GB Compatible
Submitted by: Kin Nip.
Notes: 150x SD 2.814m read 4.589m write
OCZ 133x SD 2GB Compatible
Submitted by: Kin Nip.
Notes: 2.8meg read 4.6meg write
OCZ Rally 2 4GB Incompatible
Submitted by: Ron.
Notes: Bought it and this does not work as RB on my system. Results may vary. Let the buyer beware!
OCZ Rally 2 1GB Incompatible
Submitted by: Bill Ma.
OCZ Rally2 2GB Compatible
Submitted by: Amir.
Notes: Had to format in FAT 32 first. Instructions: http://amir.shah.org/index.php/archives/134
OCZ Rally 2GB Incompatible
Submitted by: Jim Byram.
Notes: Tested.

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