SimpleTech ReadyBoost Compatibility

Make & Model Capacity Compatible?
SimpleTech 90000-60016-001U 2GB Incompatible
Submitted by: Matthew.
Notes: Vista will use the device but cause the frame rate to stutter every 2 seconds. This affects games, mouse movement, etc.
SimpleTech Designed by Pininfarina 256MB Compatible
Submitted by: Marranca.
Notes: Random 2920 k/sec…Sequential 4838 k/sec
SimpleTech pinanfarina 1GB Incompatible
Submitted by: maximillian.
Notes: write speeds way too slow.
SimpleTech 90000-60016-001U 1GB Incompatible
Submitted by: Kevin.
SimpleTech BonziXpress 2GB Incompatible
Submitted by: Kelly.
SimpleTech Bonzi Express 2GB Incompatible
Submitted by: ron Fosner.
Notes: FAT32 and NTFS both failed
SimpleTech 4GB Incompatible
Submitted by: GS white.
SimpleTech SimpleTech 2GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive – Designed by Pininfarina 2GB Incompatible
Submitted by: Michael Cummins.
Notes: Write speed was ~800KB/S and 1.5 MBs read
SimpleTech BonzaiXpress 1 GB (91000-60015-001) 1GB Incompatible
Submitted by: Vajrang Parvate.
Notes: Insufficient write performance (~1300 KB/sec).
SimpleTech SimpleTech 2GB Bonzai Xpress 2GB Compatible
Submitted by: Poltergeek.
Notes: Using Vista Corporate and it works!
SimpleTech SimpleDrive Mini 4GB Incompatible
Notes: Does not meet speed tests

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