Swissbit ReadyBoost Compatibility

Make & Model Capacity Compatible?
Swissbit usb 2 united contrast 2GB Compatible
Submitted by: peter lane.
Swissbit SWISSBIT Twist 512MB Compatible
Submitted by: Ricardo Domingos.
Notes: (NTFS 8Kb) The device (SWISSBIT Twist) is suitable for a ReadyBoost cache. The recommended cache size is 456704 KB. The random read speed is 4925 KB/sec. The sequential write speed is 5273 KB/sec.
Swissbit 16GB Incompatible
Submitted by: qv20ltpt7v.
Notes: 125vd4sghg
Swissbit CirrusWHITE 1GB Compatible
Submitted by: Remo Roethlin.
Swissbit Victorinix 2.0 USB Device 256MB Compatible
Submitted by: Chris.
Notes: Drive located in USB Swiss Army Knife
Swissbit 4GB Compatible

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