Toshiba ReadyBoost Compatibility

Make & Model Capacity Compatible?
Toshiba Toshiba TransMemory UD-01G-T-04 1GB Compatible
Submitted by: Martin.
Notes: Bought in Poland; made in China; this is theirs “High-End USB” – be careful though, they have “Low-End USB” with the same “TransMemory” brand; tested on RTM 32-bit
Toshiba 2GB Compatible
Toshiba Trans Memory 2GB Incompatible
Submitted by: Pav Leen.
Notes: Bought in UK, could not make it work on Vista Ultimate,
Toshiba SD-S02GT 2GB Incompatible
Submitted by: Dion.
Toshiba SDHC 4GB Compatible
Submitted by: Ike punisher.
Notes: cached programs open snappier
Toshiba SD-MO1A 1GB Incompatible
Toshiba 2GB High Speed (Class 4) SD card 2GB Compatible
Submitted by: Teng.
Notes: Plugged into a SanDisk Micromate SDHC compatible card reader
Toshiba 4GB Incompatible
Toshiba SD-M01G 1GB Incompatible
Submitted by: chris_reboot.
Notes: tried on internal card reader -no joy
Toshiba 2048MB USB 2.0 8MB 2GB Incompatible
Submitted by: Conner.
Toshiba HS SD-F02G 2GB Incompatible
Notes: KB (Tested on Fujitsu U1010)
Toshiba SD-F512 512MB Compatible
Submitted by: TARING.
Notes: faster
Toshiba sd 2GB Compatible
Toshiba 2GB Compatible
Toshiba 8GB Compatible
Submitted by: Gianluca.
Toshiba SDHC Professional 4GB Compatible
Submitted by: Mahdi.
Toshiba SDHC CLASS 10 4GB – Seçin –
Toshiba (Polaroid 1GB / PNY 1GB / Toshiba SD-F01G) 1GB Incompatible
Submitted by: Z.
Notes: Works in Vista, not SP-1. Tested numerous FAT & NTFS formats.
Toshiba 1GB Compatible
Toshiba 8GB Compatible
Toshiba TransMemory 2GB Compatible
Submitted by: Igor.
Notes: The device (TOSHIBA TransMemory) is suitable for a ReadyBoost cache. The recommended cache size is 1906688 KB. The random read speed is 4889 KB/sec. The sequential write speed is 1966 KB/sec.
Toshiba TransMemory U2B-001GT(A) 1GB Incompatible
Submitted by: TSLim.
Notes: Default FAT, formated and tested FAT32 and then NTFS
Toshiba TransFlash 2GB 2GB Incompatible
Submitted by: Ben.
Notes: Tested it several times on several laptop models at Office Depot, not fast enough
Toshiba Transmemory 2GB Compatible
Submitted by: Thiklop.
Notes: Works after several tries.
Toshiba transmemory u3/ uh2-004gt(a) 4GB Compatible
Submitted by: buzz.
Notes: running fat on vista home premium
Toshiba 2GB Compatible
Toshiba Ultra High Speed Type SD Card 2GB Compatible
Submitted by: Calvin.
Notes: Class 6 (20MB/sec)
Toshiba High Speed Type SD Card 2GB Incompatible
Submitted by: Calvin.
Notes: Class 4
Toshiba transMemory 2GB Incompatible
Submitted by: russell.
Toshiba transmemory usb divice 1GB Compatible
Submitted by:
Toshiba 128MB Compatible
Submitted by: hgjae8.
Notes: 125vd4sghg
Toshiba 128MB Compatible
Submitted by: hgjae8.
Notes: 125vd4sghg
Toshiba SD-M02GR3W 2GB Incompatible
Submitted by: Polymer.
Toshiba 2048MB USB 2.0 T05 10MB 2GB Compatible
Submitted by: maciek.
Toshiba TransMemory 2GB Compatible
Submitted by: Don.
Notes: Read 16MB/s – Write 5MB/s
Toshiba Transmemory U2H-001GT(A1) 1GB Compatible
Submitted by: James Pinnell.
Notes: Format to NTFS
Toshiba UHYBS-008GH 8GB Compatible
Submitted by: zizie holopainen.
Notes: kecepatan membaca dan menulis

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